Musing #4

Can’t even quote two lines,

So devastated,

Can’t even make my words rhyme,

Tears frothing up my eyes,

Can’t hold them anymore,

With my fake smile.


Musings #3

The fire burning

Inside of me

Consuming every bit

Of light left in me

Igniting all of

my hopes and dreams, with it

Caging my soul

In darkness inside of me

Musing #1

How can I set free my soul

From burden

Of sins, I did in the past

The chaos

The mayhem I caused

How can I struggle alone

Against the dark

On my pursuit to find home

How can I let

The truth unfold


My scars and wounds

Left unprotected

How can I achieve serenity

That my soul awaits

An eternal slumber

That I always craved.